Email Gateway

Its value is simplicity

Built to meet common practical requirements, makes it ready within 30 minutes

  • Designed for Linux & Windows administrators without advanced email security experience. Its goal is to be as simple as possible.
  • An easy to use, already adjusted email gateway (firewall) offering free anti-spam, anti-virus protection in order to secure all existing email servers, such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Postfix, Exim, Qmail and more.
  • Basic deployment in no time: In order to start using this application you need to cover only two steps, described in basic configuration.
  • Built-in multilayer security levels make adjustment effort equal to a car radio.
    • An independent and affordable email security solution with no migration requirements and no cost for implementation and post-maintenance.
    • No limits: protect unlimited domain names and email servers under one roof.
    • Combines simplicity with effective protection using powerful (mature, flexible and scalable) open source tools with additional set of rules & filters.
    • Helps saving time and money in 90+ Countries with 2,000+ currently active installations protecting tens of thousands of domains in: United States • Germany • United Kingdom • Netherlands • Canada • Russia • Italy • Switzerland • France • Sweden • Indonesia • New Zealand • Poland • Denmark • Israel • Belgium • Bulgaria • Austria • Brazil • Turkey • India • Slovakia • Korea • Slovenia • Serbia • Hungary • Taiwan • China • Greece • Ireland • Argentina • Norway • Australia • Chile • Hong Kong • Spain • Philippines • Saudi Arabia • Latvia • Pakistan • Qatar • United Arab Emirates • Malaysia  • and others.

    Most Features are automated:

    • TLS 1.2 with SHA2 and ECC (for SMTP & HTTPS)
    • Host-to-host IPSec transport encryption with pre-shared key
    • Free and commercial Anti-Virus for inbound and outbound emails
    • Different Quarantine per domain
    • Different Scores per domain for Tagging and Blocking SPAM
    • Built-it parallel outbound delivery from/to multiple hosted domains
    • Additional SMTP ports
    • Spam scanning for inbound and outbound emails originated from non-intranet server
    • Powerful and innovative geographic filtering for Sender IP, Server IP, URL IP and TLDs.
    • Verify Sender IP against weighted white/blacklist providers (score RBL).
    • Spammer database pollution by deploying unlimited spam traps for your website
    • Various validations for hostname, domain, IP, helo/ehlo commands and more
    • Provides DMARC record and verification
    • DKIM verification and signing
    • SPF verification and SRS
    • Recipient verification for Active Directory, LDAP, Zimbra and Domino.
    • Protection against fake messages that appear to come from your domain or from yourself
    • Built-in rules for newsletters and other messages generated by automated systems
    • Protection against executable files, malicious content, scripts and more
    • Eliminates a large amount of junk emails sent by infected or hijacked computers.
    • Various tests for embedded pictures.
    • Protection against forged domains like (fake), etc.
    • Protection against wifi, dynamic, invalid or unknown hosts.
    • Easy to replicate messages across the world by typing a backup (sub)domain.
    • Whitelist [sender domain] using drag & drop emails (with MS Outlook)
    • Blacklist [sender address] using drag & drop emails (with MS Outlook)
    • Reduce storage cost by redirecting multimedia messages (archived or hidden)
    • Relay outgoing messages through a global or per sender domain ISP (smarthost)
    • (Experimental) Lite DLP for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and scanned images (archived or hidden)
    • Assign different outbound IP pools per sender domain
    • Disclaimer per domain
    • Accelerate http traffic with web cache
    • Simple web interface with guidelines
    • Enforce encrypted connection with email servers
    • Backup (BCC) incoming/outgoing emails to an alternative mailbox
    • Clone/duplicate incoming emails to another (sub-)domain
    • Custom Spam TAG in the Subject
    • Fallback delivery to alternative email servers
    • Learn spam from other email servers
    • Internal DNS cache
    • Built-in RBL for IPs, Nameservers, Domains and DKIM
    • Build-in Fingerprints service
    • IPv6
    • Advanced internal reputation service
    • Mandatory STARTTLS for cached Domains and IPs

    Available as 64bit:

     - ISO image (Internet connection required during installation)
     - install from scratch (Internet connection required during installation).

    Minimum Requirements

    Up to 5,000 messages/day

    Up to 15,000 messages/day


    1 GB of RAM 2 GB of RAM


    15 GB storage 30 GB storage


    1 Processor x64-based 2 x Cores Processor x64-based


    1 network adapter with 1 IPv4 address 1 network adapter with 1 IPv4 address

    Internet connection

    Yes / mandatory during installation Yes / mandatory during installation


    VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, KVM or bare-metal VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, KVM or bare-metal

    UDP ports: 53 123 4500 6277 24441
    TCP ports: 25 80 443 2703

    Considerations for multiple domains:

    High I/O storage drive (SSD or RAID5)
    Different outgoing IP addresses per sender domain (separate reputation between senders).