Inbound email filtering

Inbound email filtering
Security is a commodity. All you need is your own domain name

 15 / month
$ 150 / year
  Free / 1 year
for nonprofits, non-commercials
 Domain Names 2 1
 Multi-layer spam filter
 Heuristic attachment filtering
(quarantine malicious .doc, .xls, .html, .scr, .exe, .zip etc.)
 Anti Virus engine
 Anti Flood engines
 Sender spoofing protection
 Proprietary services
RBL, Reputation, Safe Senders, Fingerprints
 Client side quarantine
 Opportunistic TLS encryption
Report message concern
 Optional (free):
- Encrypted integration with Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Zimbra, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise
- Mandatory TLS encryption
- IPSec encrypted transport
- "SPAM" tagging only
- Send original SMTP information (Client IP, Client name, Helo, Sender)

  1. Send your domain name(s) at
  2. After receiving confirmation, set these MX records in DNS:
  3. Invoice is issued from PayPal.
  1. Send your domain name at
  2. After receiving confirmation, set this MX record in DNS:
 Guaranteed support:  Feedback and remediation in maximum 24 hours.  
 Nonprofit commercial disclaimer: This service has a nonprofit commercial purpose.
Income is spent on hosting the services available for free public use.