Safe Senders

Safe Senders
Included in RBL service

  • Safe Senders is a different, but more promising, comprehensive and easy-to-use service in comparison to other services based on IP Reputation and SPF.
    Security: Relying on today's validation systems, qualified domain names are less exposed to be used in scam messages, even sent from exploited sources having good reputation, but using forged senders.
    Deliverability: Minimizes the risk of legitimate messages from being flagged as spam (false positives), regardless the reputation of IP addresses and content.
  • Scrollout F1 gateway already includes this service. Do not attempt to re-include!

Domain Names qualified to subscribe for Safe Senders
  • SMB/SME Companies, Public institutions, News/Media agencies and popular e-commerce websites.
  • Institutions in public sectors.
  • Individuals sending personal or professional messages.
  • Subscribe (for free) at:

Domain Names NOT qualified to subscribe for Safe Senders
  • ISPs/ESPs providing shared email service.
  • Public domains providing shared services: file sharing, blogs, forums etc.
  • Any domain name with poor reputation.

  • Qualified Domain Names,,,
  • NOT Qualified Domain Names,,,

Requirements: DKIM
  • The domain names and sending email services must have DKIM signature system implemented.
  • Receiving email services must have DKIM validation system implemented.
    Scrollout email gateway simplifies both implementations (signature and validation) and can be used to upgrade outdated messaging services.

  • The risk of infected attachments and malware links within messages, more often sent from an exploited legitimate source, still remains.
    Safe Senders service should not be used in order to skip attachment scanning or cancel URL scoring within messages.